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If you’re looking for excellent pest control Teesside area, choose PestEx, proud to be your partner for pest control solutions with over 20 years of experience. We offer a range of pest control services within Teesside and the surrounding areas, including:

Rodent Pest Control Teesside

Aside from carrying diseases such as leptospirosis, rats and mice can cause a lot of problems if they are found within your property. Rats are able to bite through electrical wire and even lead piping with their sharp teeth, which can cause massive structural damage.

PestEx can carry out full site surveys to identify the kind of rodent you’re dealing with, and from there we carry out a variety of solutions which can be tailored to your exact requirements, whether for your home, outdoor space or business property. We can provide services such as gassing, live trapping and rodenticidal treatments to ensure we eradicate your pest problem.

In order to prevent infestations happening in the first place, we can offer provisional services including sealing and blocking holes, sealing apertures and providing a clean-up service to avoid attracting rodents. 

Bird Control 

We provide bird control services throughout the UK, and are proud to have given our services to huge corporations such as ASDA and Home Bargains. Birds can create a lot of mess, as well as encouraging insect infestations and carrying diseases.
We can offer a variety of bird control solutions including netting, spiking, solar panel wiring, AVI shocking and shooting if necessary. 

Insect Pest Control Teesside

Not only can insect infestations be damaging to your property, we appreciate that they can be maybe the scariest of all pest control problems – especially if you’re not a fan of ‘creepy crawlies’! Insects such as wasps and bees can be extremely dangerous to both humans and animals, so contact PestEx in this instance. We provide services such as space or spray treatments and fogging to combat active infestations.

We can also provide preventative measures such as installing fly screen doors, blocking small holes, or installing technology-based products to create an inhospitable environment for future infestations. 


Choose PestEx Pest Control in the Teesside area today. Get in touch.

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