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We are PestEx, providing pest control solutions in Billingham and the surrounding areas. Our experienced and professional team has over 20 years of experience eradicating pests such as rodents, insects, birds and invertebrates.
We offer a range of pest control services in Billingham, including:

Rodent Pest Control

Rats and mice can cause a whole host of problems in your home, outdoor space or business venue, from unsightly droppings to serious structural damage if they bite through wires, cables or wooden beams. PestEx are able to carry out a sitewide audit to identify the kind of rodents you’re dealing with, and then provides a variety of solutions to combat the problems.
We offer rodent pest control solutions across Billingham, including live trapping, rodenticidal treatments and gassing. 


We can also carry out preventative measures including blocking holes and gaps, sealing apertures and cleaning up any rodent debris from previous infestations, to discourage rodents from your property in the future. 

Bird Control

Not only do we provide pest control services in Billingham, we offer bird control solutions across the UK and are proud to have worked with large corporations such as ASDA and Home Bargains.

Birds can cause a great number of issues, including encouraging insect infestations, carrying diseases, creating unsightly mess and noise pollution. Our experienced team can carry out a variety of solutions such as netting, solar panel wiring, shooting and installing spikes if necessary. 

Insect Control

Not only are insects some of the ‘scariest’ pests – especially if you don’t like creepy crawlies! – but they can also be some of the most dangerous, especially bees and wasps. When threatened, these insects can become a real safety risk for people and pets. 


We provide services including fogging, space treatments and wasp nest removal services across Billingham. We can also provide preventative services such as installing fly screen doors and blocking small holes.

For all of your pest control needs across Billingham, choose PestEx. Contact us today.


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